Aerobus FAQs


  • 01. Why should I take the Aerobus?


    The aerobus is a personalised, safe, fast transportation service, which is run by dedicated, helpful staff. Making stops at the main hotels, the service operates daily between 8am and 9:10pm. The Aerobus provides its passengers free Wi-Fi, USB chargers and a special luggage compartment, and ensures accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility.

  • 02. What types of ticket can I buy?


    One-way ticket – Ticket valid for 1 use on any one of the three Aerobus routes

    Return ticket – Ticket valid for 2 uses on any one of the three Aerobus routes. The second journey on the return ticket can be used up to 120 days after the first.

    48h ticket – Ticket valid for 48h on all of the three Aerobus routes.

  • 03. What is the Aerobus timetable like?


    Route 1: daily

    8am to 9pm (every 20mins) *

    *Times apply to departures from stops no. 1 and no.9

    Route 2: daily

    8:10am to 9:10pm (every 20 mins) **

    ** Times apply to departures from stops no. 1 and no.10

    Route 3: Monday to Friday (except on Bank Holidays)

    Airport: 9:00 |10:00 |11:00|12:00|3:00|4:00|5:00

    Sete Rios: 9:30 |10:30 |11:30|12:30|3:30|4:30|5:30 

  • 04. Why should i buy my tickets online?


    You''l get a 10% discount when you buy your tickets online.

  • 05. How do i get my tickets?


    Vouchers are sent to you via email once you have completed your purchase. In order to activate your voucher, please show it (either in print or on your Smartphone) to the driver. You will receive a ticket in exchange for your voucher, which you must keep until the expiry date.

    Your voucher will no longer be valid once you have exchanged it for a ticket.

  • 06.How long does my voucher last?


    Our vouchers are valid for 120 days.

  • 07. If i don`t want to buy my tickets online, what are the alternatives?



    You can also buy your ticket:


    • From the driver when you board the bus
    • In the airport (in Arrivals) - at the Aerobus counter
    • At the Yellow Bus Kiosk - Praça do Comércio
    • In Praça da Figueira
    • At the Elevador de Santa Justa
    • From official sales channels
  • 08. Does Aerobus guarantee accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility?


    Yes, the Aerobus is completely accessible.

  • 09. What are the advantages of buying an Aerobus ticket?


    Buying an Aerobus ticket will get you 10% off all Yellow Bus Official Sightseeing Tours, if purchased on board the Aerobus or at the official ticket office at the Praça do Comércio.

  • 10. Are pets allowed on the Aerobus?


    Yes, small pets can be taken on the Aerobus if taken in an appropriate carrier.

  • 11. Can i take surf boards, Bycicles and push charis on the Aerobus?


    Yes, provided that they do not obstruct throughways for other passengers.

  • 12. What do i do if i lose my ticket?


    Yellow Bus does not accept any responsibility for lost of stolen tickets.

  • 13. I lost my belongings on an Aerobus. What should i do??


    All lost items are delivered to the PSP Lost Property Department at Lisbon Airport on the following business day.

    You can contact the PSP - Lost Property office directly

    Every day - 24h  -  Floor 0 – Public Area

    Telephone number: + 351 218 444 530 / Email address: alspsp@ana.pt