Aerobus FAQs


  • 01. Why should I choose the Aerobus?


    The Aerobus is a personalized, safe and fast transport service made up of a dedicated and helpful staff. It stops at the most hotels and runs daily from 7am to 11pm. There is a special baggage compartment inside the bus and transport accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility is guaranteed.

  • 02. What advantages does the Aerobus ticket give me?


    You will automatically get a 10% discount on all Yellow Bus Official Sightseeing Tours when you purchase one of the 3 Aerobus ticket modes on board vehicles or at the official ticket office located at Praça do Comércio.

  • 03. Are animals allowed on the Aerobus?


    Yes, small pets are allowed on the Aerobus as long as they are in appropriate boxes or cages during the whole trip.

  • 04. What about bicycles?


    Bicycles are also allowed as long as they don’t block the passage of other passengers. Please send an e-mail to yellowbus@carris.pt with the day and approximate time you will be travelling on the Aerobus so that all staff can be advised and provide any necessary assistance.

  • 05. Why should I purchase tickets online?


    We suggest you make your purchase in advance via our website in order to guarantee the 10% discount on 24h and 2x24h tickets (adult). Besides guaranteeing the best prices, you will avoid delays and queues. 

  • 06. What are the alternatives if I do not want to purchase online?


    If you are unable to purchase your tickets by using a credit card, you may do so at one of the following places:

    • Airport

    • Yellow Bus kiosk at Praça do Comércio

    • Praça da Figueira

    • Santa Justa Lift

    • Official ticket agents

    • You can also purchase your ticket from the Aerobus Driver

  • 07. How do I receive my tickets?


    Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with the electronic tickets. You can print them or displays them on your smartphone on board the vehicle, with the driver.



  • 08. Can’t I just show the vouchers on my smartphone?


    At the moment we are not able to take full advantage of e-ticketing technology. We are working on this issue. Therefore, you will need to print the vouchers.

  • 09. What if I’m at a Hotel that does not have access to a printer?


    Please contact the Hotel Reception or the Reception of the accommodation unit in which you are staying and question them on this possibility. Many hotels have a computer center. Others will be happy to print the vouchers for you.

  • 10. How do i change the date of my tickets?


    The Aerobus does not allow the reservation of seats, which means that the date presented in the voucher is only indicative. You have 120 days to exchange it for the respective ticket after the date of purchase. So if you get to Lisbon outside of the scheduled timing, you have nothing to worry about.